There’s no worse feeling than when you get pulled over for a minor traffic stop in New Jersey and being told that you don’t have current New Jersey Auto Insurance. Maybe you’re borrowing someone’s car, and you had no idea that they didn’t have insurance.  Perhaps you weren’t able to pay the bill this month and your insurance lapsed. Then there’s the case of not being aware that you had to have car insurance in the first place. Before you get caught without New Jersey Auto Insurance visit and read on, because this information could save your driving career.

Not having auto insurance is a big deal. This is especially the case in New Jersey. Not only can you, and probably will be slapped with a fine. There is a very good chance that your license will be suspended. If it is your first offense, then there’s a chance that law enforcement will be easy going, but it’s at their own discretion. However, if it is your second or even third offense, you can guarantee that your license will be taken away from you.

Driving without proof of New Jersey Auto Insurance will also result in your car being impounded. You’ll certainly get a court date in which you will have to pay fines. There are some cases in which you might not have had your insurance card on you at the time you were pulled over. If on the day of court you can provide proof that you indeed had insurance on the day you were pulled over, and you simply did not have the card you can possibly plead to have your offense modified. Keep in mind though, that it is a requirement by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles that you not only have insurance, but that you carry proof, too.

Not having New Jersey Auto Insurance can come with a hefty fine, community service, and even jail time if it is more than your first offense. This is a lot to worry about. However this gets you off easy as compared to being in an accident without auto insurance. Not only do all of the above potential consequences apply, but you will also have to pay for any and all damages to your car and anyone else’s involved in the accident out of your pocket. While insurance is absolutely a financial burden on some, make sure you play it safe and always carry New Jersey Auto Insurance before you get behind the wheel.