Read this before you accidentally get caught without New Jersey Auto Insurance

There’s no worse feeling than when you get pulled over for a minor traffic stop in New Jersey and being told that you don’t have current New Jersey Auto Insurance. Maybe you’re borrowing someone’s car, and you had no idea that they didn’t have insurance.  Perhaps you weren’t able to pay the bill this month and your insurance lapsed. Then there’s the case of not being aware that you had to have car insurance in the first place. Before you get caught without New Jersey Auto Insurance visit and read on, because this information could save your driving career.

Not having auto insurance is a big deal. This is especially the case in New Jersey. Not only can you, and probably will be slapped with a fine. There is a very good chance that your license will be suspended. If it is your first offense, then there’s a chance that law enforcement will be easy going, but it’s at their own discretion. However, if it is your second or even third offense, you can guarantee that your license will be taken away from you.

Driving without proof of New Jersey Auto Insurance will also result in your car being impounded. You’ll certainly get a court date in which you will have to pay fines. There are some cases in which you might not have had your insurance card on you at the time you were pulled over. If on the day of court you can provide proof that you indeed had insurance on the day you were pulled over, and you simply did not have the card you can possibly plead to have your offense modified. Keep in mind though, that it is a requirement by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles that you not only have insurance, but that you carry proof, too.

Not having New Jersey Auto Insurance can come with a hefty fine, community service, and even jail time if it is more than your first offense. This is a lot to worry about. However this gets you off easy as compared to being in an accident without auto insurance. Not only do all of the above potential consequences apply, but you will also have to pay for any and all damages to your car and anyone else’s involved in the accident out of your pocket. While insurance is absolutely a financial burden on some, make sure you play it safe and always carry New Jersey Auto Insurance before you get behind the wheel.


In Pennsylvania, auto insurance is mandatory, as it is in all other states.  Many see it as a huge inconvenience, or unnecessary expense, but good insurance can help you out should your car be damaged in an unfortunate accident.  Let’s take a look at what the insurance situation looks like in Pennsylvania.

Required and Optional Coverage

Once you buy a new vehicle, you are required to have the following types of insurance:

  • Medical Benefits – This type of insurance will help pay medical bills for both you and anyone else covered by your policy, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The state has a minimum coverage limit of $5,000, with higher limits being available as an option.
  • Liability – Should you injure someone in an accident where you are at fault, liability insurance will pay for damages for which you are found liable. The minimum limit is $15,000 for an individual person, and $30,000 total for a single accident.
  • Property Damage Liability – During an accident, if a person’s property becomes damaged, this is the coverage that will pay for the damage. The mandatory minimum limit is $5,000.
  • Limited or Full Tort – Full tort will allow you to recover expenses and payments for things such as pain and suffering, while limited coverage will give you lower premiums, but more limited coverage.

There are also a number of other optional types of coverage which are available from Pennsylvania auto insurance companies like and many of these, such as uninsured motorist, income loss and rental reimbursement are definitely worth looking into.  You need to determine what your needs would be in the event of an accident and select your policy based on those needs.

Keeping Costs Down

When speaking to an insurance agent, don’t forget to ask about discounts.  There are a few different ways to get the premium cost of your insurance down.

  • Higher deductibles on your insurance will help bring down your premiums, but be sure you can afford the deductibles in the event that something happens to your vehicle.
  • Dropping comprehensive and collision coverage could be another option for older cars. If the value of your car is low, the cost of premiums and deductibles may not be worth it in the end.
  • Drive’s education courses for teens and mature drivers can bring down Pennsylvania auto insurance costs. State recognized programs are available to everyone and can reduce your premiums


Having home insurance is important for you and your family.  If some damage should happen to your home, you want the insurance to help you cover the cost of the repairs.  Unfortunately, things happen in life, and you need some insurance to help you out.  What should you look for in a good insurance company?

Pick the Best

How well and insurance company handles claims is the true test of the company.  Sadly, some large companies provide better customer service than others.  The difference in satisfaction can manifest itself into savings.  Companies with lower satisfaction ratings have more people who didn’t agree with estimates and were unhappy with their settlements.

Friendly insurance agents were also a major factor in rating home insurance companies in California.  Talking with your agent will let you know if you feel comfortable with him or her and whether or not they know their business.  If you don’t have a good feeling about them, feel free to walk away and talk to someone else.  You need to feel that you can trust your agent in the event that something happens.

Read Reviews

There are a lot of ways to get more information about insurance companies that you are considering.  You can find many ways to get that information online, such as ratings websites for the companies, as well as complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and recognized sources like Consumer Reports.  Obviously, a company with fewer complaints is likely to be better, and customer reviews online can also give you an idea of how insurance companies treat their clients.

Get the Better Deal

Although California home insurance is not as competitive as the auto insurance business, you can still cut yourself a deal and save some money.  In California, insurance departments publish standardized coverage rates, allowing you to find the lowest cost insurance company in your area.  You can then contact the company for a custom quote that fits your needs.

Get Enough Insurance

Although you’re trying to save money with your insurance, make certain you are not underinsured.  When it comes to large claims, such as when a house is destroyed by wildfire or earthquake, many people find out the hard way that they don’t have enough insurance.

Making sure you have the right insurance, and insurance company for your California home insurance from will make your life easier if an unfortunate disaster should strike your home.


Illinois home insurance

What to know about home insurance

Illinois home insurance can be complicated, some policies cover your home, some your property, and some both. It’s very important to know what your policy covers.

Most policies cover, theft, vandalism, smoke, fire, storm and lightning damage. Some policies have optional coverage terms, like flood and earthquake damage. However, getting the optional coverage adds to your premium.

The amount of coverage you’re getting is extremely important. If you’re only covered for $50,000 dollars and your $100,000 dollar home burns to the ground, you’ll only get $50,000 from your policy.

Every insurance company has a “deductible”, which is an amount you need to pay before your Illinois home insurance company from will cover the rest. Having a higher deductible can lower your payments in some cases.

Every time you make a claim with your insurer, there’s a possibility, that you’re payments will rise. There’s no laws in Illinois that can prevent your insurer from raising your payments, they can also cancel your coverage if you file lots of claims. To keep your payments low, it’s best to file only when you need to file.

There are also times when an insurance company won’t cover you. There’s a lot reasons why an insurance company might deny you coverage, like poor credit or old plumbing. Some companies even have a list of high risk objects, like a trampoline, and don’t want to risk costly claims.

However, if you are denied or your coverage cancelled, your insurer must give you a written reason why. If your credit or a CLUE report was a factor, you have the right to get a those reports from them for free.

The CLUE report, is basically a list of all the claims you’ve made on a property. As previously mentioned, if you’ve made a lot of claims, your insurer will have an official record of each one.

If you do need to file a claim because your home was damaged, do so as quickly as possible. Beware of public insurance adjusters, as they will want be a middleman between you and your insurer. Not only will you have to pay them, but they will take part of the settlement. Insurers, often send repairmen to estimate the damages and it’s a good idea to get your own estimate, to make sure they’re in line and the money you get will actually cover the costs of repairs.

Once you get your claim, make sure to hire a reputable and trusted contractor to make the proper repairs to your home.